New paper on rising inequality and the changing structure of political conflict ( Working Paper 2018/7)

March 31, 2018 |

In this new paper (“Brahmin Left vs Merchant Right: Rising Inequality and the Changing Structure of the Political Conflict (Evidence from France, Britain and the

Read and World Inequality Lab Newsletter – March 2018

March 23, 2018 |

Read becomes the World Inequality Database

March 13, 2018 |

In March 2018, the name of was changed from the World Wealth and Income Database to the World Inequality Database. This was motivated by


New paper on the evolution of top income inequality in the Czech Lands, 1898-2015 ( Working Paper 2018/6)

March 12, 2018 |

This new paper by Filip Novokmet presents new finding on the long-run dynamics of income inequality in Czech lands, from the end of the 19th


Gini coefficients available

February 28, 2018 | now provides Gini coefficients on for more than 2000 inequality series (click here). The Gini, which provides a synthetic measure of inequality, ranges from 0


New Paper on the long-run accumulation of wealth in Spain, 1900-2014 ( Working Paper 2018/5)

February 11, 2018 |

This new paper by Miguel Artola Blanco, Luis E. Bauluz and Clara Martínez-Toledano presents new finding on the long-run accumulation of wealth in Spain (1900-2014)


New paper on extreme income inequality in Brazil, India, the Middle-East and South Africa ( Working Paper 2018/4)

January 22, 2018 |

This new paper by Lydia Assouad, Lucas Chancel and Marc Morgan presents new findings about inequality dynamics in


New paper on Generalized Pareto Curves ( Working Paper 2018/3)

January 22, 2018 |

The new paper, “Applying Generalized Pareto Curves to Inequality Analysis”, by Thomas Blanchet, Bertrand Garbinti, Jonathan Goupille-Lebret and Clara Martínez-Toledano, presents recent


New paper on the transition from communism to capitalism in China and Russia ( Working Paper 2018/2)

January 22, 2018 |

The new paper, “From Communism to Capitalism: Private Versus Public Property and Inequality in China and Russia”, by Filip Novokmet, Thomas Piketty, Li Yang and


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