What’s new about inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2023?

November 22, 2023 |

The 2023 update of the World Inequality Database confirms that income inequality remains very high in Sub-Saharan Africa: The richest 10% in the region control


Unveiling Inequalities: Insights from the 2024 Asia-Pacific Human Development Report

November 17, 2023 |

  The 2024 Asia-Pacific Human Development Report provides an assessment of the state of human development in Asia and the Pacific and policy pathways to


What is the impact of political inequality on political participation?

November 7, 2023 |

Inequality in political participation and influence has strongly increased in recent decades. To what extent are these two phenomena related? And what can we do


How do Chinese and French preferences for redistribution differ?

October 24, 2023 |

What influences our perceptions of inequality and our views of fairness? What drives the difference in demand for redistribution across countries? Why do poor people


How much does knowing where their money comes from affect what we think about the top 1%?

October 17, 2023 |

How much of the income of rich people comes from capital and how much from labor? And how does knowing this affect our perceptions of


How does economic inequality change society?

October 11, 2023 |

How do we believe economic inequality changes society – through for example the amount of crime or the quality of democratic institutions? And do our


Public housing and intergenerational mobility in Singapore

September 29, 2023 |

In response to rising inequality and housing unaffordability around the world, governments have implemented various policies, including the provision of public housing. To what extent


Global inequality of hourly income

September 25, 2023 |

Where do people work the most, and earn the most? Is there a link between working hours and income inequality? Anique Ahmed compares variations in


Elections and social inequalities in France, 1789-2022

September 6, 2023 |

    Thomas Piketty and Julia Cagé‘s new book, Une histoire du conflit politique, Elections et inégalités sociales en France, 1789-2022,  is now available in


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