Top income shares for New Zealand extended to 2016

May 24, 2019 |

The series of top shares of fiscal income for New Zealand have been extended to 2016. The series have also been revised from 2000 to 2014,


New paper on top incomes shares in the Netherlands

May 24, 2019 |

The new WID.word Working paper 2019/2, “Top Incomes, Income and Wealth Inequality in the Netherlands: The first 100 Years 1914–2014 – what’s next?” by Wiemer


Australian top income shares extended from 1912 to 1920

April 30, 2019 |

The series of top shares of fiscal income for Australia have been extended in the database to cover years from 1912 to 1920. This is


Update of top income share series for Australia

April 25, 2019 |

Australian top fiscal income share series have just been updated to 2016 by Roger Wilkins. The top 1% income share reached 9% in 2016  (click


Rising inequalities and political cleavages in Spain on the verge of new elections

April 23, 2019 |

In this new issue brief (available in English and Spanish), Amory Gethin, Clara Martínez-Toledano and Marc Morgan look back at the co-evolution of inequalities and


New paper on wealth-income ratios in India, 1860-2012

April 10, 2019 |

This new paper by Rishabh Kumar studies the metamorphoses of aggregate Indian wealth over fifteen politically transformative decades. Based on a comprehensive new database, the


New paper on the evolution of income inequality in Europe, 1980-2017

April 2, 2019 |

In this new paper and in the accompanying issue brief (available in English, German, French and Spanish), Thomas Blanchet, Lucas Chancel and Amory Gethin estimate the


Tackling inequality in India: Is the 2019 election campaign up to the challenge?

March 25, 2019 |

In this new issue brief entitled “Tackling inequality in India: Is the 2019 election campaign up to the challenge?” [English version | Hindi version], Nitin


Extreme inequality, democratisation and the emergence of class conflicts in Thailand

March 18, 2019 |

In this new issue brief, Thanasak Jenmana and Amory Gethin analyse the link between inequality, political instability and class cleavages in Thailand in the context


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