This project aims at implementing a renovated approach to the measurement of income and wealth inequality consistent with macro aggregates, i.e macroeconomic national accounts. It should help the researchers to rebuild the bridges between distributional data available from micro sources and national accounts aggregates in a systematic way.

DINA-Distributional National Accounts also involves the production of synthetic micro-files, providing information on income and wealth. Those micro-files focus on individual level data that are not necessarily the result of direct observation but come from estimations that reproduce the observed distribution of the underlying data, including the joint distribution of age, gender, numbers of dependent children, income and wealth between adult individuals.

The global aim is to release income and wealth synthetic DINA micro-files for all countries on an annual basis. Such data play a critical role in the public debate, and can be used as a resource for further analysis by various actors in civil society and in the academic, business and political communities.


Coordinator: Paris School of Economics/World Inequality Lab (France)


  • University of Oxford (Great Britain)
  • University of California (United States)

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