What’s new about inequality in Russia and Central Asia?

17 novembre 2022 | released its 2022 annual inequality data update for Russia and Central Asia. Russia exhibits one of the highest wealth inequality levels in the world.


What’s new about inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa?

17 novembre 2022 | released its 2022 annual inequality data update for Sub-Saharan Africa. Three key results are worth highlighting: first, despite some decrease, income inequality as measured


What’s new about global inequality?

17 novembre 2022 | released its annual inequality update. Our global network of researchers mobilized the most recent wealth and income inequality data, obtained from tax authorities, statistical


What’s new about inequality in East Asia?

17 novembre 2022 |  released its 2022 annual inequality data update for East Asia. Overall, we observe an alarming increase in both wealth and income inequalities in Mainland


Worker Power, Rent-Seeking and Income Inequality in Canada: A Sector-Level Analysis

9 septembre 2022 |

This paper develops novel estimates of income inequality at the sector-level in Canada and examines links between sector-level income inequality and different conceptions of power.


Income and Wealth Inequality in Hong Kong, 1981-2020: The Rise of Pluto-Communism?

29 août 2022 |

In this paper, Thomas Piketty and Li Yang combine national accounts, household surveys, fiscal data, wealth rankings and election polls, in order to provide a


Wealth Distribution in Germany

23 juin 2022 |

Wealth and its Distribution in Germany, 1895-2018     In this paper, Thilo N. H. Albers, Charlotte Bartels and Moritz Schularick present the first comprehensive


South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Income Distribution

11 mai 2022 |

South Africa’s distributive regime is striking to all who observe it. In this paper, Adam Aboobaker situates developments in post-apartheid income distribution within key macroeconomic


The Inequality (or the Growth) We Measure. Data Gaps and the Distribution of Incomes

3 mai 2022 |

  There is a large gap between income estimates used in inequality studies and macroeconomic statistics. This makes it hard to assess how economic growth


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