2019 WIL’s activity report is available

4 mars 2020 |

  We are glad to share with you the World Inequality Lab 2019 activity report Overview Extension of the World Inequality Database, in particular in


New paper on Midcentury American Inequality

11 février 2020 |

  The mid-20th century American decline in income inequality has been called “the greatest leveling of all time,” despite a similarly unmatched rate of economic


Argentina’s new government and WIL to cooperate in data production

7 février 2020 |

  Paris, February 5th, 2019  – The World Inequality Lab (WIL) met with Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina, and his delegation, composed of the Minister


New paper “House Price Cycles, Wealth Inequality and Portfolio Reshuffling”

22 janvier 2020 |

Business cycle dynamics can shape the wealth distribution through asset price changes, saving responses, or a combination of  both. This working paper by Clara Martinez


Publication of the Human Development Report!

9 décembre 2019 |

The World Inequality Lab is glad to announce its contribution to the Human Development Report 2019 “Beyond Income, Beyond Averages, Beyond Today: Inequalities in Human Development


“Ten facts about inequality in advanced economies”

27 novembre 2019 |

Economic inequality is on the rise after a historic decline, and the trend is especially dramatic in the United States, as outlines the paper “Ten


“How Much are the Poor Losing from Tax Competition?”

8 novembre 2019 |

How much are European citizens losing from tax competition? Would they be better-off if European countries were able to have a common fiscal tool? In


Compare your income to that of African citizens

5 novembre 2019 |

The income comparator has been extended to all African countries based on the work done by Lucas Chancel, Denis Cogneau, Amory Gethin and Alix


Top income shares for New Zealand extended to 2017

23 octobre 2019 |

The series of top shares of fiscal income for New Zealand have been extended to 2017. The series have also been updated for 2016, due


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